Po shʉ' si' nkwat pu' bα

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L'alphabet Nufi comporte vingt sept (27) lettres. Les voici:

A, α, B, C, D, E, Ə, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, Ŋ, O, P, S, T, U, ʉ, V, W, Y, Z. 

English - I know that we all have lacunae in reading our language. That is why I thought that we should start from the bottom up. In this chapter, we will learn the Nufi alphabet. Anyone should keep in mind that the Nufi alphabet is similar to the foreign alphabets except for α, ə, ŋ, ʉ, gh, nj, sh as well as zh that do not have any equivalents in foreign languages. As you know this, you can read anything written in Nufi.

The Nufi alphabet comprises twenty-seven(27) letters. Here they are:

A, α, B, C, D, E, Ə, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, Ŋ, O, P, S, T, U, ʉ, V, W, Y, Z. 

Nufi - Lah nkosi o na mbʉαzhie nnαhŋwα'ni, o kα yii ntensie le mα mbhi mbα yaa nαhŋwα'ni lα nnja'ghǝǝ ntam shii pʉα lah nsiesi o mvak nαhŋwα'ni baa nzhie mα Flansi pi Glisi lα. Ntumbhi nja'ghǝǝ ntam shii siembα Flansi, yi kα mbehsi lα bα Glisi.

Francais - Pour t'aider dans la phonetique, ci-apres tu trouveras que devant chaque lettre de l'alphabet j'ai pri soin d'inclure entre parenthese deux mots pour t'apprendre comment se prononce cette lettre en francais et en anglais. Le premier mot est en francais et le second en anglais.

 English - To help you with the phonetic, following you'll find that in front of each letter of the alphabet I took care of including in the parenthesis two words to teach you how this letter is pronounced in French and in English. The first word is in French and the second in English.

A(a-amour, apple), α(α-aimer, snake), B(b-banane, banana), C(c-Chad, chapter), D(d-dance, dog), E(e-Emile, energy), Ə(ə-le, learn), F(f-France, feed), G(g-gomme, goat), H(h-haricot, house), I(i-image, fish), J(j-jurer, mesure), K(k-kaki, kangoroo), L(l-lire, love), M(m-maison, moon), N(n-nourrir, night), Ŋ(ŋ-living, bring), O(o-dos, off), P(p-papa, people), S(s-souffler, silly), T(t-tout, time), U(u-boule, food), ʉ(ʉ-pieux, few), V(v-victoire, victory), W(w-watt, water), Y(y-yaourt, yes), Z(z-zazou, zulu).

B, C, D, F, G, H, J, K, L, M, N, Ŋ, P, S, T, V, W, Y, Z.

A, α, E, Ə, I, O, U, ʉ.

1. Laahni nnαhŋwα'nivam nkweenzhie

Laahni nnαhŋwα'ni nkweenzhie ntam Nufi nzhi kwα (4). Po nden nkweenzhie fa'a yaa bαndα'si mα po nkweesi nnαhŋwα'ni baa pʉα nceh pα' yaa mbα tα' zαhŋwα'ni lα. Yaa bee:

GH (ceh pα' ntam SCHEDULE mα Glisi lα). α'si: Gham (10) 

NJ (ceh pα' ntam JOHN mα Glisi lα).          α'si: A Nju' 

SH (ceh pα' ntam SHE mα Glisi lα).            α'si: Nshʉ' (1)

ZH (ceh pα' ntam GIVRE mα Flansi lα).      α'si: A nzhinu pα' sα' soa lα.

2. Nnαhŋwα'ninzhinte' mα ŋʉ'si

Yaa mbα ntam Nufi ŋʉ'si bα ndα' pu' (Flansi ghʉ ntientien pu' tα njəh ndα' mα Nufi ghʉ yi ndα' ŋʉ'si "'") yi po njαh njam tα' zαhŋwα'ninzhinte' ndah cop yi mbʉα lah nzhie lα. Po mbα tα njαh ŋʉ'si njam tα' zαhŋwα'ninzhinte' o li' ceh yaa ngʉ pα' wen cam po ndom vam o lα. Po ghʉ mbʉα yαh ŋʉ'si njam nkweesi nnαhŋwα'ninzhinte' wa'. Fe'e tα ngα nden:

A', α', E', Ə', I', O', U', ʉ'.

Mfʉα'si: Kaasi = Lah nnak mα njiizʉ';  Ka'si = Lah nna' wuzα ntam mvat

              Po = Zʉ' na wen lah mbii wu; Po' = yi o nco' ko ndəh fat lα.  

              ...etc...(ceh bee mα "...Eh Tα nCəh...")

Ngα kwa'si mα pαh ya' yii nkweesi nnαhŋwα'ni wa'. Pαh kongen to' lah nkweesi nnαhŋwα'ni bee tα o ninju' mvak yi yaa nzhie lα.


Compter en Nufi

Keesahwu               Mbʉα lah nceh

0                             Nehe

1                             Nshʉ'

2                             Pʉα

3                             Taa

4                             Kwα

5                             Tii

6                             Ntoho

7                             Səəmbʉα

8                             Həə

9                             Vʉ'ʉ


10                     Gham, o, Moo               20                     Poo pʉα

11                           Ncoh nshʉ' moo                  21                          Ncoh nzhʉ' poo pʉα

12                           Ncoh pʉα moo                    22                          Ncoh pʉα poo pʉα

13                           Ncoh taa moo                      23                          Ncoh taa poo pʉα

14                           Ncoh kwα moo                    24                          Ncoh kwα poo pʉα

15                           Ncoh tii moo                        25                          Ncoh tii poo pʉα

16                           Ncoh ntoho moo                  26                          Ncoh ntoho poo pʉα

17                           Ncoh səəmbʉα  moo            27                          Ncoh səəmbʉα poo pʉα

18                           Ncoh həə moo                      28                          Ncoh həə poo pʉα

19                           Ncoh vʉ'ʉ moo                     29                          Ncoh vʉ'ʉ poo pʉα


30                     Poo taa

31                           Ncoh nshʉ' poo taa

40                     Poo kwα

50                     Poo tii

60                     Poo ntoho

70                     Poo səəmbʉα

80                     Poo həə

90                     Poo vʉ'ʉ

100                   NKhʉ                              200                   NKhʉ α

1000                 Ncα'                               2000                 Ncα' pʉα

1000000            Nshu'                             2000000            Nshu' α

1000000000       Nshu'nshu'                     2000000000       Nshu'nshu' α



        Nufi                                Flansi                                Glisi

1   - Ngu'fi                             Janvier                               January
2   - Nkuαnʉα                        F
évrier                              February
3   - Mbakngofat                    Mars                                  March
4   - So'njαα                          Avril                                   April
5   - Njwenαhnta'                  Mai                                    May
6   - Momoshʉ                       Juin                                    June
7   - Ntumbhingofat              Juillet                                 July
8   - Mαnga'nshi                   Aout;                                  August
9   - Kuku'                             Septembre                         September
10 - Ndʉ'nzα                        Octobre                              October
11 - Nkʉαnʉα                      Novembre                          November
12 - Klisimi                           D
écembre                          December.

 Jours de la semaine

Nlie'nzα ntam Gahnzα

- Ncomtee
- Nzingu
- Nziso
- Nzenzhʉα, o, Ntʉ'kwα
- Lie'nga', o, Ntʉ'ntaa
- Lie'nkwe'
- Nkααtee
- Nzengoo, o, Ncwie'ko

Pʉʉnok hahsi comsi nlie'nzα fhʉ na lie' ntee zʉ' yi po nsi na lα. Fa'a pαh zhi mα lie' ntee puantoo mbα Ncomtee, lie' ntee Fa' bα Nzingu, lie' ntee Njəə bα Nziso, lie' ntee Neh bα Ntʉ'kwα, lie' ntee Nkα' bα Nkααtee?






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