Po shʉ' si' nkwat pu' bα



The Baboutcheu-Ngaleu group shares the same past with the entire Bamileke ethnic group, with all the migrations, hunters' tales, tribal wars and inheritance quarrels they have known. It all started in the 18th Century, when the founder ancestor, chief MENGANGAA coming from the upper plateau, reached Toulàk near Bafang, in a hunting expedition. With some of his companions, he settles here and at the same time looks for more territories well stocked with game. He finally sets up in Ndalàk after some hunting campaigns towards the South East.

His heirs are chiefs NJIEKO, KEULIEU, TCHAMGOUE, TOUKO and TIAKO. The heir of the latter, the chief NGALEU, the most famous, decides to transfer the chieftancy from Ndalàk, he finds too peripheral and uncomfortable to the present siting on Balouk territory that in mid-20th Century.

All the different leaders have fought for the extension of the Baboutcheu-Ngaleu territory through tribal wars, conquests and breaking up of local populations : Balouk, Bankooh and Pouango for instance. Wars against neighbouring villages (Bakou, Bakondji, Baboné) will only stop with the arrival of Germans.

Chief TCHEUKAM Emmanuel, who has been chief NGALEU's heir since 1964, deceased in April 2007. Chief TCHEUKAM's heir since 11th August 2007 is Chief TCHAPPI Joseph. In total, 9 different leaders have ruled the Baboutcheu-Ngaleu people until now:

  • Fuu NJIEKO
  • Fuu TOUKO
  • Fuu TIAKO
  • Fuu NGALEU
  • Fuu TCHEUKAM (1964 - 09.04.2007)
  • Fuu TCHAPPI (11.08.2007 - now)

The following picture illustrates the links between different villages which constitute the great NDJIAKO family.






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